breathing life into your brand and bottom line


1. To make more vital,
     brilliant, or striking
2. To make come to life

As a strategic marketing and business development firm, Vivify LLC brings value to small and emerging companies in a variety of industries.


Why should you consider VIVIFY?


If you’re like most people, you are focused day-to-day on "putting out fires". What gets deferred all too often are matters of strategic importance that have no deadline


Or, you may have a new project that absolutely needs to get going -- except your staff is "at capacity" and you have no headcount to add a project champion. 


Vivify LLC will help you in either of these areas, breathing life into your brand and bottom line. 


"[Choose partners...] first on the basis of integrity;

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second motivation (without integrity, motivation is dangerous);

third capacity (without motivation, capacity is impotent);

fourth understanding (without capacity, understanding is limited);

fifth knowledge (without understanding, knowledge is meaningless);

last and least experience (without knowledge, experience is blind). 

-- Dee Hock,
Founder of Visa International

Which are the primary challenges facing your organization?

Does the whole team know our long-term direction?

Can we profitably leverage our core strength into another area?

How can we best utilize the business system we’ve created?

Can we count on our customer base for repeat business?

With which organizations might we partner to accomplish more faster?

How can our web site and
e-marketing efforts contribute more significantly?

Your biggest payoff in organizational ROI is in your marketing and sales efforts.  Witness: Even a mediocre product/service with a great marketing system will outperform a great product or service with poor marketing!

Let's co-create a solution to your organization's challenges.


VIVIFY Guiding Principles

The cornerstones of our practice will help you understand VIVIFY better.  And they'll definitely help us to help you.

* Marketing is far more  than just sales, advertising, or fancy brochures. Marketing is everything an organization does to get the product or service to the customer.

* A marketing focus orients the organization around powerful customer touch points.

* Each customer/constituent group requires its own compelling value proposition.

* What gets measured gets managed. Metrics can measure the effectiveness of any business initiative or process.

* We seek out projects with collaborative synergy, yielding fun and better chances for success!

* One inevitably makes different choices when considering the lifetime value of a customer/client.

* There are only 3 ways to boost revenues:
1. increase the number of customers,
2. increase their purchase amount,
3. increase the purchase frequency.

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